Water Systems for
Aquatic Housing

Designed to fit under a 7 wide fish rack, this high quality water system can supply one or two 120 tank fish racks**... system includes:

1. Pre-filter* - water from each rack flows through parallel bag filters and into the bio-chamber.

2. Bio-filter - venturi air enriched water keeps the bio-media moving to provide very efficient chemical filtration. Over 110% of the water is chemically filtered before it is returned to the tanks.

3. Final-filter * - parallel bag filters remove fines to enhance UV kill in next stage.

4. 1000 Watt Heater - maintains temperature of water when set within 10 degrees of ambient.

5.  Dual High Output 50 watt UV-sterilizer - provides over 200K MWS at flow rate of 5 Gal./Min. For a single rack (120 tanks) or 100KMWS at a flow rate of 10 Gal/Min. for two racks (240 tanks).   Kill power listed is at end of bulb life.

6.  Circulating Pump - energy efficient, magnetic drive circulating pump provides up to 25 Gal/Min and is salt water compatible - no metals in contact with water.

7. Air Pump - is a linear piston type... known for quiet, energy efficient, oil free, and maintenance free operation ... 8 years of continuous operation is not uncommon.

8. Automatic Fill Valve - keeps water at proper operating level.

9. Low Water Sensor - shuts off circulating pump, UV, and Heater upon low water condition. It automatically resets when water fills above upper level switch.

10. Overflow - safely dumps water into drain during high water condition or for changeout.

11. Blocked Filter Indicator - lights when any of the parallel filter pairs block... overflow bypass provided to allow continued operation.

            Filtration Unit fow diagram


* The bag filters for the input and final filters are available in user selectable micron ratings. Typical ratings available include: 100, 50, 25, 10, 5, microns. A typical installation would use 50-100 micron for the input filter. Thoren Aquatics recommends keeping spare sets of each filter group on hand for change out. The dirty filters would be removed for cleaning and the clean set put in place. Normally the input filter pair would be cleaned every few days, and the final filter every few weeks. The length of time time system operates between filter changes is dependent von operating conditions, such as the number of fish being maintained, type type of fish food, water makeup, and water temperature.

** Larger water and air pumps are required for two rack operation... smaller pumps provide greater efficiency for single rack use.

Makeup Water Systems

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7 Wide Water System Rack

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