V-Bottom Tilted Tank
V-Bottom Tilted Tank

V-Bottom Tank Design

  • Tanks are easily removable without disconnecting
    or moving hoses, or turning off air or water.
  • Fine adjustment water valves allow flow rate to be
    adjusted from 0 to 6 GPH @ 5 PSI for each tank.
  • The most efficient self cleaning tank in the industry!
    The V-Bottom tilted tank design gathers waste to the
    middle and drain end of the tank, where it is removed by the recirculating water, reducing the need of manual tank cleaning.
  • This design operates at a lower flow rate than the
    flat bottom tanks, reducing operating cost or allowing
    more racks to be run off a central water system.
  • Contamination resistant lid design. Water spilled
    from above onto lid will run off the edge, not into
    the tank.
  • Lids are locked in place by the plastic bracket as
    they are placed in the rack, reducing the chance for fish escaping and developing unwanted crossings.
  • Tanks are available in polycarbonate or polysulfone (more autoclavable).

Anti-slosh Waste Drain Valve
and Lower Waste Drain Screen











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