Thoren Aquatics would be pleased to assist you in developing your fish room layouts. Some sample room layouts are shown to provide you with some concepts and ideas for your facility plan.

FISH ROOM 10' x 15'

FISH ROOM 18' x 10'

FISH ROOM 15' x 16'


• 18 double sided, 6 single sided racks/ quarter (10w x 7h = 70 tanks/side)

• 72 double sided, 24 single sided racks/ room = 11760 tanks/ room

• Repetitive order of rack layout allows for easy labeling, faster tank finding andefficient distribution of life support and waste removal.

• Rows are open ended and limited in length to provide for redundancy of
circulation paths.

• Use of wall space is optimized - side walls are ultilized for single sided racks while end walls are left open for storage units and work space

• Nursery may be located within the main room (similar light cycle) but can also be placed in adjacent space depending on the demand.

• Crossing space will be needed within the main room - end walls would work but crossing stations throughout the room are more user friendly.

• Live food culturing must be on its own light cycle (likely 24hr).

• Presence of experiment space within the main room is use dependant and can be problamatic due to the temp and humidity conditions.

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