Crossing Tank

The Thoren Aquatics Crossing Tank is ideal for breeding zebrafish and other small egg-laying fish. The lid keeps fish in and laid eggs are protected from fish predation by falling through the insert screen. After egg collection, the fish can be returned to their tank or kept in the crossing tank until their offspring have been screened. Staged eggs are obtained by separating the sexes with the diagonal insert and removing it when breeding is desired. Tanks and inserts nest for storage. Clear polycarbonate, PPC or Udel provide a range of clarity and autoclave durability. 

Crossing Tank with screen insert and divider:   These tanks are used to isolate pairs or sets of fish for periodic breeding and crossing of genetic lines. Optional tank dividers keep males and females seperated, allowing early setup. The dividers are then removed when the light cycle first turns on to insure synchronized fertilization. Eggs drop easily through the perforated insert, keeping them safe from the fish until collected. Choice of clear polycarbonate or Udel, allows 100% visibility of the eggs.  Tanks and inserts nest for efficient stacking and storing.

Crossing Tank Kit includes the following as shown above::
• Outer tank
• Inner tank with screen
• Lid
• Divider

Part number for kit:
• 10011-P (Polycarbonate)

• 10011-U (Udel)













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