Aquatic Housing Systems

Thoren Aquatics' goal is to provide stable high
quality, high density, low maintenance fish
accommodations without the swamp-like environment.
As genetic research has evolved, more attention
is now paid to the housing environment so that it
does not contaminate long term research.

3 Liter Schooling Tank and 1 Liter Weaning Tank

Rack Design

Racks are available in single and dual sided versions. The dual sided 3 liter tank rack ranges up to 7 rows high x 10 wide (140 tanks).   Floor drains are required for 7 row racks.   The dual sided 1 liter tank rack ranges up to 9 rows high x 10 wide (180 tanks).

  •  State-of-the-art open construction rack design
     maximizes tank density while allowing excellent
     light penetration through the rack.
  •  Modular approach facilitates lab layout by providing easy configuration of racks having various heights and widths.
  • Contructed with type 316 stainless steel with
    modular plastic components, permitting easy
  •  Parts clamp together and can be disassembled
    for cleaning or moving.
  •  Grey PVC plastic drains and drain tubes reduce algae growth.
  • All water contact materials have been tested
    for aquatic compatibility.
  • Adjustable legs provide leveling to compensate
    for uneven floors.

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    Tanks are easily removable without turning off
    the water valve
  • t
    or moving hoses, or turning off air or water.

    Drain adapter allows use of 1 liter tanks in
    3 liter rack

    Thoren's modular approach allows easy configuration from full size units to desk top systems.

    Air Reciever and Water Scoop

    4 High x 4 Wide Double Sided Weaning Rack

70 Tank double sided rack
Shown with 3 Liter Schooling Tank

Pull-out shelf, for a convenient work area

When the tank is in the rack, a flexible water scoop
catches the water from the water valve and directs
it into the tank.  A precision orifice at each tank
position equalizes the air flow to each tank, making it
unnecessary to turn off the air when a tank is removed.

When the tank is pulled out or removed from the rack the water from the valve flows into the drain section of the main manifold, making it unnecessary to shut off the water.

Aquatic Mobile Unit

This mobile Aquatic System provides one of the most
advanced systems for aquatic research.  Five years ago we responded to our customers needs for a mobile system. This is a complete self-contained system that features all of the operational components of our full size systems, including filtration, water treatment and delivery, so there are no compromises in this system.

This is the ideal solutoin for facilities that are at the begining stages of Aquatic research or for university labs for teaching. It also changes the way researchers can have access to their fish within the lab with complete confidence that their fish have the ideal controlled environment.

This unit is based on a modular design so that we can customize the size and number of tanks.

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