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Thoren Aquatics is a spinoff of Thoren Caging. Thoren Caging, Inc. is a pioneer and worldwide leader of innovative caging systems for the laboratory animal industry.  We were the first to develop warm surface plastic caging in 1953, and in 1978, in conjunction with the Jackson Laboratory, we brought Positive Individual Ventilation to the forefront of the industry with the introduction of the Maxi-Miser, PIV Caging System. Today, PIV technology is an established industry standard. You can visit that website at www.thoren.com.

Thoren has always been responsive to the needs of our customers. As genetic research expanded to zebrafish in the late 1990's, Thoren Aquatics worked with Dr. William Trevarrow and the University of Oregon in developing a fish rack that offers a combination of advantages not found elsewhere... high density, modular, low maintenance, durable, ergonomically superior, reduced chance of unwanted crossings, heavy duty work shelf, and more.

To find out more of what Thoren Aquatics has to offer, contine exploring this web site. If you need assistance in laying out a new or existing fish room, go to our Contact Us page and send us your information or drop us an
.  Feel free to call us if you prefer:

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